Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences

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Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences



       The Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences is dedicated to providing high quality education and training in the field of Agricultural Sciences following curricula underpinning multidisciplinary approach by integrating technological advancements. The Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences strives to meet international standards as well generate technologies and motivated trained human resource to foster sustainable agricultural production, protection and processing systems as envisaged by Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Government of India.

Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences also focuses on inculcating the ethical and moral values in students. Students are motivated to interact with the farmers and participate actively in seminars, symposia, conferences and workshops. It has eminent and highly qualified faculty with Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research experience and excellent track record in teaching and research in the current areas of Agriculture and allied Sciences.


  • To foster a strong foundation in agricultural and horticultural principles and practices to make students globally competitive.         
  • To develop strong interest in agricultural and horticultural technologies by enhancing the problem-solving skills in students so that they are motivated to pursue research and entrepreneurship development.
  • To emphasize on the peri-urban agriculture and protected cultivation to address the needs of the growing population and changing environment.
  • To train the students to develop and demonstrate technology for income and employment generation.
  • To create a sense of responsibility among students towards the use of scientific knowledge in agriculture for the benefit of farmers.


Key Highlights
  • Well-equipped with spacious classrooms and laboratories to provide quality teaching and research opportunities for the students.
  • Trainings to students imparted in the field and polyhouses through conduct of research trials and demonstrations.
  • Course and syllabus in conformity with the ICAR guidelines.
  • Fully developed Crop Cafeteria and net house in the campus.
  • Cultivation of high-value vegetables, like different kinds of Lettuce, Chinese cabbage, Spinach, Beetroot etc. on clean soil with clean water and without pesticides is grown in campus under the banner, Sharda Organics.
  • Industry/Institute visits of students to demonstrate different technologies for intensive and commercially oriented peri-urban cultivation of horticulture crops for improved quality and productivity.
  • Social Responsibility by catering to the farmers of the area by training on good agricultural practices and opportunities in peri-urban farming.


 Departments in Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences 

Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences