Mewar University to hold two-week ISTE workshop on DBMS

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Mewar University to hold two-week ISTE workshop on DBMS


Mewar University, Gangrar, Chittorgarh  is conducting 10 day ISTE workshop on Database Management Systems  from 21st  May to 31st May 2013, under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD (Govt. of India.).

The workshop will benefit faculty colleagues who are teaching Database Management Systems at the UG or PG level. The focus of the workshop will be on Database Management Systems in Computer Science Engineering. However, teachers from allied engineering departments may also benefit to some extent.

This ISTE workshop will be delivered simultaneously at multiple remote centers across the country, in the distance mode. Every remote center will have about 50-70 participants. The workshop will include the delivery of live interactive lectures from IIT Bombay, and locally organized tutorial and laboratory sessions. The course will be networked to the remote centers via the internet, using specially developed software called A-VIEW.

Those wishing to attend this workshop should enroll online at this website: